Papua New Guinea 16 oz

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  • Aroma: Mango & Papya
  • Flavor: Citrus, nutty sweet, and floral. Well balanced, mild and medium bodied.

Aroma: Mango & Papya

Flavor: Citrus, nutty sweet, and floral.  Well balanced, mild and medium bodied.

Papua New Guinea is located North of Australia on the Eastern half of the island of New Guinea.  The Western half of the island is the Irian Jaya Province of Indonesia.  Papua New Guinea, however, is not part of Indonesia.

Contributing to PNG’s amazing flavor and high quality is the origin of it’s trees.  The original seedlings were from Jamaica Blue Mountain, well known for it’s splendid, well-balanced flavor.  There are also hybrids of Jamaica Blue Mountain and trees from Tanzania that are shade grown in mountain forests at high elevations – between 4265 and 5905 feet – some in very remote areas of the country.

Coffee plays a significant role in the country’s economy with over 2 million people involved directly or indirectly.  There are over 300,000 small holder farmers, who account for over 85% of the coffee produced annually in PNG.  Each of these small growers has an average of less than 1500 trees that yield less than 20 bags, of 132 lbs. each, per year.  The government sets a minimum price at the beginning of each season in order to assist the farmers; and the industry itself is controlled by the Coffee Industry Corporation, located in Goroka.  Due to some quality control problems in the 1990’s the Corporation banned the export of the lowest grades and set a quality standard for exportation of the country’s coffee.  This standard was raised again in 2002 and has resulted in a generally higher quality level for it’s small holder coffee.  Most of the country’s coffee is organic simply because of the difficulty and cost of transporting fertilizers and pesticides to the farms.  Only a small percentage, however, is certified organic.

16 oz, Roasted Coffee

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